The Kurzhaar, like any other working breed, has to include both lines.
A dog that must work very hard needs to be well – built. This option in general involves a great lie. This is that we can either have dogs that hunt but do not have a nice constitution or beautiful dogs that are unable to work.

In the case of the Kurzhaar it is even more difficult as, due to its genetic heritage, the scope of possibilities is extremely wide. Taking into account the discipline Fieldwork on Partridge specifically, where the dog is observed in the field, in the water, while retrieving extremely varied pieces, following the track of either living or wounded pieces. This aptitude for hard work is evaluated at Integral Fieldwork Trials, in the German fashion.

To be able to meet such demands, the dog must be built in the best possible way.
It must have an excellent back line.
Good, harmonic angles.
Parallelism of joints and limbs
Moderate length
Well-shaped head and mouth
A balanced temper

We must add to this an excellent whelping period.
What we mean by this is that it should have:
Good feeding for mother and whelps. Good sanitary care (worming and vaccine schedule with excellent veterinary products)
Good contact with human beings
If a specimen does not have a harmonic constitution in all the above mentioned items, it would be necessary for the animal to compensate this by means of an extraordinary display of energy, which might lead to exhaustion and premature illnesses.
Ex: A badly shaped mouth jeopardizes retrieving performance.
Too long a specimen or one with a faulty back line must compensate for these flaws by exerting more strength on its hind or front limbs. Besides, this causes lack of elegance in its movements.
If a specimen has suffered from a faulty upbringing this might have negative consequences in the morphological level and in its precocity and performance when carrying out the tasks demanded.
This is the ABC when it comes to having an excellent companion either at home or in varied hunting excursions. As a breeder this is my objective.
It is naturally not an easy task, but it is not an impossible one. This is the reason why we must always keep on searching for the ideal integral Kurzhaar.
Marita Dellepiane de Berczely
Breeder of this magnificent breed