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Year 2006

Year 2006

- Discipline: Partridge Fieldwork
Retrieving Trial
Judge: Mr. René Gerlet. President of the French Kurzhaar Club and Vicepresident of the International Kurzhaar Club.
Azul, May 21st, 2006
Zsa Zsa von Marienkamp gained 2nd SG.

- Discipline: Integral Hunting Fieldwork
HZP Trial.
Judge: Hans Klein (Germany)
Inspected by the International Integral Dog Association.
Held on May 25th, 26th and 27th, 2006 in Villanueva, Buenos Aires Province.

Queen II von Marienkamp
Merak von Marienkamp
Both specimens passed the trial.
Queen II got 2nd Best Prize.
Discipline: Body Structure and Beauty:
Best Young Specimen: Raxie von Marienkamp.
Best Special Pup: Viona von Marienkamp
Discipline: Practical Fieldwork Hunting Trials (partridge)

Ch Zsa Zsa von Marienkamp winner of Fieldwork Ranking 2006
(Winner of Ranking 2005 and in 2004 she was Ranking runner-up. Due to her pregnancy she was not able to compete in the last 3 Fieldwork Trials)
She was awarded Fieldwork Champion in August, 2006.

Second term annual score:

Retrieving / Fieldwork hunting practice: 1st Excellent. Mr David Da Silva. Esperanza, Santa Fe. July 23rd, 2006.

Field Trial 1st Excellent CACIT. Mr Raul Lanzotti. Verónica, Buenos Aires Province. August 26th, 2006.

Field Trial 2nd Excellent. Mr Atilio Susanj. Verónica, Buenos Aires Province. September 9th, 2006.

(Off the Ranking) Field Trial 2nd Excellent Mr Atilio Susanj. Verónica, Buenos Aires Province.

-Discipline Integral Hunting Fieldwork
Ch. Queen II von Marienkamp (see picture)
Ch Merak von Marienkamp (see picture)
Both of them have passed HZP Fieldwork trial.
Judged by Mr Hans Klein.Villanueva, Buenos Aires Province on May 25th, 26th and 27th 2006.

-Discipline Body Structure / Beauty

Ch. Queen II von Marienkamp (see picture)

Ch. Merak von Marienkamp (see picture)
They were both awarded Body Structure Argentine Champion Prizes.

Queen II von Marienkamp
Winner of the International Show (all breeds) Costa Salguero November 24th, 2006 (see picture)
Judged by Mr Hans Müller. President of FCI.

Viona von Marienkamp. Winner of Pup and Young 2006 Ranking of the FCA.

Raxie von Marienkamp. Young Opposite Sex Specimen 2006. Kurzhaar Club Argentine Republic.

Wido von Marienkamp, winner of Pup Ranking 2006, Colombia. (See picture)

-Discipline: Integral Hunting Work.
HZP TESt. Judge: Hans Klein (Germany).
Supervised by the International Association of Integral Dogs.
Held on May 25th, 26th and 27th, 2006, in Villanueva, Buenos Aires province.
Queen II von Marienkamp Merak von Marienkamp Both specimens passed the test.
Queen II obtained the second best score.

-Discipline: Structure and Beauty:
Best puppy: Raxie von Marienkamp.
Best special puppy: Viona von Marienkamp.

Year 2005

- Eve von Marienkamp became Uruguayan Champion in the International Exhibition of Punta del Este, in February 2005.

- Ecuatorian Champion Sarita von Marienkamp became Peruvian Champion.

-C.G.L.I.E.A.S.V “Otto von Marienkamp” became World Winner (see picture and diploma) and won the 2005 Beauty Ranking of the Argentine Dog Federation.

-Zsa Zsa von Marienkamp was the winner of the 2005 Working Ranking.

-Zitta von Marienkamp became Beauty Champion.

-Rikka von Marienkamp became Best Puppy in the Show, Guatemala, October 2005.

-“Senta von Marienkamp”: Best Puppy Group 7 and 3rd. Best Puppy of the show. Chile, November 27th and 28th , 2005.

Integral Hunting Working Test:
-Queen II von Marienkamp passed the VJP test, with 70 points.
-Merak von Marienkamp passed the VJP test, winning it with 65 points.

Year 2004

-Edwin von Marienkamp: Passed the HZP Test (Integral Talent Test according to German Regulations).
Test organized by the Drahthaar’s Club in Villanueva, province of Buenos Aires.

-C.G.L.I.E.A. “Otto von Marienkamp” obtained the title of Uruguayan Champion in the International Exhibition held in Montevideo on December 4th and 5th, 2004.
It won the three GROUPS VII with the following judges:
Mr. Hans Müller (Switzerland).
President of the Internacional Dog Federation.

Mr. Greg Eva (South Africa).

Mr. Andrew Brace (England).

-“Umbro Von Marienkamp” won the Structural Ranking in the FCA and in the Kurzhaar Club.

-“Zsa Zsa von Marienkamp” was second in the Working Ranking (she couldn’t be present in the last three tests due to her pregnancy and delivery).

Year 2003

-“Yani” (Ario): Winner of International Working Meeting, July 2003, judged by the Croatian judge Mr. Marko Medar.
The test was won together with the C.A.C.I.T. (Certificate of Aptitude, International Working Champion).
“Ario (Yani) von Frey Wald: an excellent C.A.C.I.T. C.G.L.I.T.
The same specimen became Working Champion in 2003 (there are only three Working Champions in Argentina).

-Zitta von Marienkamp.
It won the field test with shot prey in Rauch, Buenos Aires province, with First Excellent C.A.C.T. (Certificate of Aptitude Working Champion) 3rd working ranking IN THE KURZHAAR’S CLUB.

-Sarita von Marienkamp (she was sold to Ecuador).
It won two working tests and was awarded grade 1 Very Good and obtained a very good second position. These tests were held in Verónica, province of Buenos Aires.

-Zsa Zsa von Marienkamp.
In the tests held in Verónica she obtained a very good first position and a very good second one.
She won DERBI I in Esperanza, Province of Santa Fe.

-“Umbro Rex von Marienkamp”, a puppy sold by the kennel, became 2nd in the Working Ranking of the Kurzhaar’s Club.

Winner of Ranking FCA
C.G.L.I.E.A.- Otto von Marienkamp

-The following dogs became international beauty champions:
C.G.L.I.E.A. Otto von Marienkamp.
C.G.L.I.T. Ario (Yani) von Frey Wald.

-The following became Argentine champions:
New von Marienkamp.
Eve von Marienkamp.

-Sarita von Marienkamp was sold to Ecuador.
She became Ecuatorian Champion at the International Show in Guayaquil (Ecuador) October 11th and 12th, 2003

- Kurzhaar’s Club.
“Umbro Rex von Marienkamp” Winner of the Structural Ranking.

Year 2002

-Kurzhaar Club: “Ario” became 2002 Best Absolute Kurzhaar, “Ybold” 2002 Best Puppy (see pictures).

-Ario (Yany) won two more CACT, making four.

-“Otto von Marielnkamp”. FCA: Winner Ranking Kurzhaar Breed 2002. CGV. Brazilian Champion.

-“Ybold von Marienkamp” Best Puppy of the Year, both in the Kurzhaar Club and the FCA ranking.

-International: Fini became Uruguayan Grand Champion and winner of S.I.C.A.L.A.M. 2002.

-Both Fini and Otto von Marienkamp became Brazilian Champions.

Year 2001

-Year dedicated to show our dogs abroad.

-Otto and Fini became winners in America and the Caribbean.

-Ario was second in Working Ranking.

-Fini became Uruguayan Champion.

-Eve von Marienkamp was Best Puppy of the year, both in the Kurzhaar Club and the FCA ranking.

Year 2000

-Enzo won the Ranking, second in Group 7.

-Fini, Best Female of the year.

-Ario received two CACT. Second in the Working Ranking of the year.